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Much of our success in life is based on unique capabilities – we can do what others cannot. The lessons we have learn from others make it possible to gain  experience and insight into our own life’s. – Brian

The 5 Keys To Manifesting Your Dreams

Transformational Coach –Ryan Clarkin

Brian goes deep with Coach Ryan Clarkin.  Discover the five keys to manifesting your dreams and reaching your goals.  Remember – “the universe has your back“.

Biggest July 14th of the Year!

CEO of Leaders Alive -Talie Davis Weir

We are talking to Talie about her career as a Life Coach. Talie is a certified life coach and transformational healing trainer, with a focus in leadership development. For more than 20 years she has empowered leaders to design lives which create maximum impact in the world while being centered in JOY.

She loves to create beauty & be in nature. When she’s not enjoying her 3 beautiful children, you can find her hosting family and friends, traveling, ballroom dancing and leading domestic and international retreats.

Special - 4th of July show!

Top 25 Things You Didn’t Know
Brian does a riff on 25 facts about July 4th, including some interesting facts about the Declaration of Independence. The original was LOST, and the printed version, referred to as the Dunlop Broadside had 200 copies, BUT only a few were actually distributed.

One change made by Jefferson was to change words “the pursuit of property” to “the pursuit of happiness.” Brian goes on to talk about how we can all learn from the experience of the founding fathers and the reasons behind Declaration, which was actually a justification for the revolt of the American colonies and their separation from Great Britain.

Brian suggests that we ALL need to have a written list of goals, as Thomas Jefferson and the Congress did, when they listed what they felt Americans deserved to have – that all people are created equal and have innate rights including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Especially the pursuit of laughter (happiness.)

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