“Above The Bar” – with Brian

The lessons we have learn from others make it possible to gain experience and insight into our own life’s. – Brian

Myths and Legends – That DON’T Exist

Okay, sports fans!  Time for Brian’s blog (see what I did there, both words being with B’s?  Cool?  Okay, okay never mind! Just like with my show - it’s okay if you DON’T like it – not everyone has good taste. Anyway, I’m picking up on the topic of last month’s blog –...

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What crossing Brian’s mind NOW?

If you think about it too much, what’s going on in the world today – okay, especially the United States – could make you go totally wacky!  Wouldn’t it be better if all the stuff that doesn’t exist COULD somehow be real? Whoa, that would be touts cool. Godzilla LIVES...

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