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Today we are talking to founder and CEO of Leaders Alive


Who doesn’t need a little laughter in their life? Brian Schneider will make you laugh OUT LOUD!


Beside Brian’s quotable riffs on life and other ridiculous things, he has guests who bring great ideas to you – when you tune in.


Life is meant to be lived like a cross between a cavalry charge and a dance around the May Pole. Brian’s guests can change your LIFE!

Some people think that life is just putting one foot in front of another and slogging along, like you did when you were seven years old and trudging to school through mud and slush. Brian can help you laugh your way through whatever may happen in your day. Don’t take everything so seriously – learn how to break through all the humdrum and worry and giggle yourself happy!

Why not try a guffaw, a hoot, hey – maybe even a snort – of merriment to roll through another SOSO (same old same old) day? Brian’s motto is “Get your laugh groove on and lose the gloomies!” Let all the tension and madness of work, relationships and dealing with all the other buzzkills of life just roll off your shoulders and go away. The sun is ALWAYS shining in Brian land!


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Make Today The Day To Make Your Dream Come True. –Take Action!

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6 months ago

Brian Schneider - LIVE

Today on Brian Shnider Live we discuss VISION! What’s yours? ...

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Keep filling the pipeline

They usually are jealous and don’t want you to succeed

That’s an obvious answer there

Sometimes someone else’s vision of you takes you away from your own vision.

It takes failing to know how to actually make it work. When you fail you learn how not to make your vision work

Thank you!! I never gave up

Fail!!! He said fail

Brian starts with B and Believe starts with B

It wasn’t the best show - mine was

I just looked at these origami lamps I made seven years ago and was shocked at what I was charging for the amount of work- but I have readjusted over the years and I would say I’m loving my life and living my best life now

Comedy is

Thanks for dressing up

I hope you fail Brian 😂😂

So many people including my family

Wow lol

A is for Apple, J is for Jack

I love you both!!! Lol


sometimes funny comedy is very cerebral

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6 months ago

Brian Schneider - LIVE


6 months ago

Brian Schneider - LIVE

Today on the Show
Lea Gray w PaperBlooms Design
Owner and Founder Talks about all things Paper Flowers, Plants, Classes and Laughter

7 months ago

Brian Schneider - LIVE

Today we are speaking w/Drew Sample from the Sample Hour and owner of Capital City Greens. ...

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Originally, thought it was about a new golf course.

Oh boy this looks like an interesting show😉

From the blinds?

Kurtis Whitehead their talking Microgreens

North Country Represent


Speakeasies, little bushes, this guys pretty shady!

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7 months ago

Brian Schneider - LIVE

Christian Salmons Today Talking All Things Real Estate ...

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What are the benefits to Selling my home with an agent? Won’t I save money selling it myself?

what are the top 3 things that separate you from your competition?

Nice shirt Brian

CHRISTIAN: What would you consider the #1 area to update our 20 year old home before putting it on the market?

As a rule, is it better to buy the best house on the street or the worst house and fix it up?

What sells houses faster… New bathrooms or kitchens?

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7 months ago

Brian Schneider - LIVE

With guest Sandy Zimlich of @your dating coach on Your Dating Coach on Call. ...

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At least a year after a divorce imo before to start dating

YESSSSSSS! 100/100. #truth

What does dating really mean these days anyhow? Meeting and building and nurturing a relationship or “swiping left”😫

Brian doesn't make mistakes 😉

So many truths!

I went on a first date with a guy once and we went to Applebees for dinner. We met online and had never met in person before this date. His conversational skill was quite off , as he began to let me know he had spicy spaghetti the night before so if he disappears off to the bathroom for awhile it's because he is "blowing it up" in there. I'm not an uptight person, but it was not a good first date dinner conversation topic!! Lol To add to it .... when the waitress brought our food to the table and he immediately stuck his fork in my mashed potatoes and crammed them in his mouth. Before I even tasted it. Again , I'm not uptight.... but you just never fork on the first date !! Lol needless to say there was not a second date.

After my divorce, I met my current wife through--are you ready--Parents without partners.

It does say Cheri

Hi Sandy 🧡

No worries!

So how soon do you advise young folks to meet THE PATENTS!!😂


Very good tips , Sandy Zimlich!! ❤

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Live in 30 minutes with @Sandy Zimlich of Your Dating Coach on Call! ...

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This is going to be fun!!!

So excited for my sister! Good Luck Sand! ❤️

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