Case Study


When it takes 4000 Rules to Seamlessly Route A Call

Our client is a state-wide emergency service comprised of 21 different groups all reached through a single toll-free number. Adding to the complexity, some of these groups have as many as 8 locations.

As an emergency service resource, service reliability is critical.

Efficient operation is critical because:
• A caller cannot be presented with a complex routing tree; each must reach the correct phone at the correct group in the correct department as quickly as possible
• Call volumes cannot be a factor that hinders the system
• An added complexity is that not all 21 groups are natively hosted on the Loquantur platform.


Loquantur, however, accepted the challenge and implemented adaptive call routing.

The concept of adaptive call routing is quite simple. The system makes a series of decisions on routing and processing to calls to all of the groups using highly tuned “rules” – think them as “gates” and “corridors” – where the gates open to different corridors based on a series of conditions.

Each call from is routed and filtered through a line of rules that refine the situation of the call and route it to a single destination. Deployment of adaptive routing can be as simple or complex as the business needs it to be. The rules put in place by Loquantur go through sets of rule –that open and shut depending on the intent of caller.

The deployment of this hotline required a complex set of 4000 rules. An incoming call is processed in less than 1/10th of a second and the correct destination phone rings. Each call is delivered correctly every single time without the incoming caller having to do anything to reach that destination. Most importantly, thanks to a sophisticated backend, the callers are immediately connected with agents.

If any of the 21 groups is out of service, their portion of the calls can be routed to another group instantaneously.

We are proud of this system as being an example of how we provide superior functionality to our clients.

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