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Most businesses grow a piece at a time, not a bundle at a time… Your Loquantur service mimics your scale and growth patterns. If you don’t need 8-16 more phones, you just expand by 1 user! If you add a location, we tie your new location to the others – one at a time if you so choose, or all at once… Once that happens you have the option of having one receptionist for ALL of your locations as well as one scheduler for ALL locations.

The simple reality is that this is a system that can ensure everyone is on the same page while being able to expand one user at a time, one location at a time.

One of the advantages of a digital system is that once the basic necessities are handled properly, now you can expand your reach into the realm of the really “cool” stuff. For example, would it not be fantastic if Loquantur could trigger actions, not simply calls? With compatible systems, WE CAN! Loquantur can trigger database updates, physical systems to act, and other activities… just as you desire them to be.

Not everybody needs this level of customization and function, but it’s available to you on the Loquantur platform. Opportunities are truly endless with Loquantur.

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